Letter to the editor 1, Dec. 19, 2019

Response to Dr. H. Short’s letter, December 12

Dear Editor,

Regarding the future of sustainable development in Hudson, we are faced with differing opinions based on different ideas and different visions. This provides fertile grounds for ‘splitting,’ that is, each side ends up defending their argument as if it's the only way. It's a ‘paranoid position’ with the underlying belief that the ‘other camp is wrong and our camp is right.’ This is never the case.

All camps have important contributions to make. It's time to bridge information, concerns, fears and hopes of the citizens of Hudson. It's not time to take sides and point fingers. How can this small and generous community mend the split? How can we listen to one another? How can we empathize with one another? How can we take care of ourselves and our families and how can we take care of others and their families now, in the near future, and for generations to come? How can we, with grace, address the splits and move into mindful resolution in 2020?

Joanne Kielo


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