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Darling (aka Peanut) is looking for a very special human because the two of them have a lot of work to do. This 2 ½ year old female-Shih Tzu- Yorkie mix is so cute that her previous family set no rules or guidelines for her. So she became the boss of both the humans and the other dog. If someone tried to push the point, she would have a tantrum and bite. She's in a foster home now and has learned a lot in the last two weeks. Darling is getting a lot of exercise and loves running with the big dogs in the dog run. She is good at coming when called. She's very reactive to other dogs when on leash and is not easily dissuaded. Her foster mom has her on a Head Halter. She is whiny in the car even though she enjoys the ride and barks excessively at people and dogs that they pass.

All this sounds bad but it's all correctable with consistency, patience, training, and of course, love. If you think you can teach the spunky girl to be a good canine citizen, fill out the form at animatch.ca and ask for Darling.

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