• John Jantak

City looking into scope of new residential project in Dorion sector


A proposed new six-storey housing development is planned for the west side of Route de Lotbinière between Rue Émond and Rue Lalonde in the Dorion sector of Vaudreuil-Dorion.

A Vaudreuil-Dorion resident is still hopeful the city will scale a proposed six-storey residential building back to its original four-storey design in Dorion.

A two-page letter from the city dated November 7 and signed by Mayor Guy Pilon was delivered to residents including Dominique Asselin in response to Asselin’s petition that was presented to council on October 7.

Public consultation process

The letter highlighted the various procedures the city took over the past five years to inform residents in the Harwood-de Lotbinière area of the city’s intentions to revitalize Harwood Boulevard and the surrounding area including having an online survey and holding public consultation meetings to gather feedback regarding the city’s development plans.

For Asselin, the issue isn’t about opposing outright a proposed development slated for the west side of Route de Lotbinière between Rue Émond and Rue Lalonde – it’s about scaling back the current project which will have six floors back to its original four-storey concept.

Possible contravention of city’s PPU

The plans for a six-storey building contravene the city’s finalized PPU development plan, according to Asselin. He also feels that expanding the scope of the city’s original PPU in 2017 is a legal mistake because he said citizens have to be consulted before a change is made. “This is something the city is investigating right now,” said Asselin.

There was a first petition that was also presented to city in 2018 during a public information meeting with residents at the chalet in Bel-Air Park with Mayor Pilon, District 1 Councillor Josée Clément, and the city’s urban planner Chantal St-Laurent regarding the residential project.

“I didn’t know about the first petition,” said Asselin. “I only found out about it when talking to people in the area. The people at that meeting were told the project wouldn’t be done in the near future because there were some problems and that it would never be more than four storeys. If there was a change, the people would be notified.”


An overview of the projected development’s location in the largely residential neighbourhood.

Inadequate infrastructure

Development in the area is unavoidable because of the tremendous potential, said Asselin. He would, however, like the city to consider minimizing the scale of new construction because the current infrastructure – which includes sewer and water pipes and single lane roads – may not be adequate to handle large-scale projects.

High-density projects would inevitably result in more traffic congestion which could also impact the quality of life for residents in the area. “It’s too big a change for the existing infrastructure. The city is not delivering what they originally showed the people,” said Asselin.

“It should be integrated better. The city is planning on putting in a big building with no integration whatsoever. Hopefully this will be corrected in the future. Smaller buildings should be built so there’s not that much of a clash,” Asselin added.

City evaluating the situation

Mayor Pilon said the city is currently evaluating the situation to determine whether everything has been done the right way. “The city council is not very involved in this project in a technical way,” he said. “Mr. Asselin asked some questions about technical things and the city is looking at what’s been done, if it’s been done the right way and to change things if they have to be changed,” said Pilon. “So far things have been checked going back about two to three years ago. If anything has not be done the proper way we will change it and make sure everyone understands the project. It’s not a problem for us. If there’s a mistake we’re going to correct it. If not then we will go forward with the project,” he added.

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