• Nick Zacharias

Another hot auction in Hudson


Brave enough to face a burning building, these Hudson firefighters had no trouble jokingly turning up the heat at Royal LePage Village’s annual Firemen’s Christmas Charity Auction - where over $17,000 was raised to support families in need over the holidays.

Last Wednesday night, November 20, saw another successful edition of the annual Fireman’s Christmas Charity Auction in Hudson, organized by Royal LePage Village to support the Fireman’s Christmas Basket Fund in collaboration with Le Pont Bridging food bank. Happening for its 42nd fund raising year, the event saw the Hudson Village Theatre filled to capacity with generous bidders and items up for bid provided by many generous donors – not least the three teams of firefighters willing to donate their time in the name of raising money for families in need.

The auctioneer kept the paddles rising and the enthusiastic crowd did not seem to need reminding that the money was all for a worthy cause.

“We raised over $17,000 this year,” reported organizer Tania Ellerbeck after the auction was done. Some single bids made it clear that the spirit in the room was all about giving – at one point a pizza (large, and all-dressed mind you) was sold for $120 to be shared with friends in nearby seats, and at another an apple pie sold for the bargain price of $200.

But the hottest bidding of the night, as always, came when the Hudson firefighters took to the stage in teams of four, auctioning off four hours of their time to perform ‘anything legal’ for the winning bidders. While there was no waving of actual hoses on stage, the room did get noticeably louder as some of the firefighters laughingly demonstrated a few feats of physical prowess – no doubt to prove their fitness for whatever box lifting or snow shovelling they may be called upon to perform at the homes of the winning bidders. Their enthusiasm did the trick. On top of all the items sold, the firefighters alone brought in huge sums, the top bid of the evening being $850 for four hours of one of the teams’ time.

It was all in good fun, and all to raise money to help families who are currently struggling to have a better Christmas.

Said firefighter Adrian Bonnemayers, “This is to help families have a better Christmas, and I just have to say, we get all the credit and the attention for this event, as firefighters we often get recognized and thanked for doing it. But really - the credit belongs to the organizers for making this happen, to the generous donors, and to all of you who are here to give money – you all deserve to be thanked.”

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