Up for adoption


Railroad, a 5-year-old male German shepherd, comes to us from Villalobos in New Orleans and he is impatiently awaiting spring. The white stuff that defines our winter is not to his liking. He would be happy going out to do his business and then returning to the eco-logs in the fireplace.

Railroad was adopted as a pup and he and his owner were devoted to each other. Sadly, she became very ill and could no longer care for him. He spent a year at Villalobos, but never made the cut, possibly due to the number of dogs in the centre.

He is a gentle boy who loves all people. He has lovely manners as his owner trained him well. His ideal home would be one where his breed is appreciated and he is included in family activities (at least in three seasons). He gets along with other dogs and older children. If you think Railroad would fit in as a member of your family, fill out the form at animatch.ca and ask for him.

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