Letter to the editor 2, Nov. 21, 2019

Why is the street parking so terrible in Pointe-Claire?

Dear Editor,

The parking at the Lakeshore General Hospital was full up on Tuesday, November 12. We had to walk down the street facing the hospital to the school located at the end of Frobisher Avenue, then cross over to the park to Whitley Avenue before we were able to find parking on a street that was not banned. Meaning the only alternative we had when we could not find parking in the hospital lot was to walk half a mile to a local street. We are 80-year-old seniors, my husband has cancer and all the health issues connected to the cancer.

Why are the streets blocked off to handy parking? These are public streets paid for by taxpayers’ dollars and yet closed off to innumerable patients at all hours, any time during the year.

The hospital, Statcare Emergency clinic, and the parking lot connected to Southwest One Medical Centre are for people who are in need of care, hospitalization, and treatment. If this is the case, why then does the city of Pointe-Claire deem it necessary to block these streets from being used?

The homeowners on these streets should have no say in blocking their streets or not allowing parking. When people live in these areas which accommodate the people using services of hospital, clinics, etc. there should be no question that they would have to put up with parking. If the city of Pointe-Claire gives out permits to condo developers then it is up to the city to be able to provide parking. There are no green areas either in this area, aside from one park, but there are numerous condos being erected. Maybe the city could restrict the streets on different days to either side, etc. Use the brainchild of your urban planning department to come up with ideas on how to conveniently service these people.

We previously lived on Donegani Avenue for years and the cleaning and snow clearing was well done at night so as not to inconvenience homeowners. As the areas grow, and more people move to the West Island, the situation is getting worse. How long do you think locals and homeowners will tolerate this situation?

This problem has existed for years. It is only now since we have had occasion to suffer through this nightmare that I am writing to say this situation is only getting worse.

To the mayor of Pointe-Claire – you accepted the nomination and took on the job so do something about this situation of parking around the hospital, the clinics, the town houses, the apartment buildings, the seniors’ residences, etc. The Lakeshore General Hospital is currently the only hospital on the West Island used by local residents along with those from the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region.

This situation is atrocious and in dire need of a remedy. Crystal and Jim Coupethwaite, Hudson

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