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Pincourt emergency responders honoured for their lifesaving intervention


(Left to right): Stéphane Séguin, Assistant Director Pincourt fire department; Gordon Stanhope, firefighter and preventionist; Luc Jollet, firefighter and preventionist; and Mayor Yvan Cardinal at a gold book signing at the Omni-Centre on November 12 to honour the emergency responders’ efforts to save a man’s life who was in cardiorespiratory arrest last December. Firefighter and preventionist Chloé Guilbault who also took part in the emergency intervention was unable to attend.

Three Pincourt first responders were honoured by city council before the start of the regular monthly meeting on November 12 for their heroic emergency intervention which helped save the life of a 64-year-old man last December. Chloé Guilbault, Luc Jollet and Gordon Stanhope, members of the Pincourt fire department, were praised for their quick and thoughtful actions.

Cardiorespiratory arrest

The incident took place on December 18 when the trio responded to an emergency call at a home where the man was already in cardiorespiratory arrest. Upon arriving on-scene, the three quickly administered lifesaving procedures including an electric shock from a defibrillator which restored the patient’s pulse and breathing before the ambulance arrived.

The man was transported to Lakeshore General Hospital. He was hospitalized for several weeks but eventually returned home. The three emergency responders were also recognized by the provincial Centre intégré de Santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) de la Montérégie-Centre for their excellent work which helped save a life.

Pincourt Fire Chief Yanick Bernier said he’s pleased with the recognition that was given to his staff members and added that all the town’s emergency responders provide the same level of service to its residents.


Pincourt resident Pierre Giasson said he’s against the town’s plans to remove the stop signs at the crosswalk on Boulevard Cardinal Léger between 8th Avenue and Monseigneur-Langlois Avenue citing safety concerns.

Crosswalk stop sign removal

Resident Pierre Giasson expressed concerns about the upcoming removal of two stop signs at a pedestrian crosswalk on Boulevard Cardinal Léger between 8th Avenue and Monseigneur-Langlois Avenue.

The stop signs have been in place for about 10 years and have been used as a traffic-calming measure to get motorists to stop at the crosswalk allowing pedestrians to cross the busy artery especially during the morning and evening commute.

New crosswalk lights

The recent installation of two new lamp poles with a push-button that activates two flashing amber lights indicating a pedestrian will cross the street means that the stop signs are reportedly no longer necessary.

Giasson who lives on Cardinal-Léger is opposed to removing the stop signs. He told council that while some motorists may not make full-stops at the crosswalk, the stop signs enable residents who live on that stretch of road to enter and exit and their driveways without difficulty.

Maintain the status quo

Giasson said he’s happy with the new crosswalk lights that were installed about one month ago because in addition to the flashing amber lights, the two lamp poles also have street lights that illuminate the crosswalk at night which gives pedestrians an added level of safety. “It’s beautiful,” he said. “The town did a great job with the lights but leave the stop signs there.”

The stop signs will be officially removed on November 18. Chaisson is so adamant about keeping them that he’s launched a petition aimed to maintain the status quo. “When I speak to my neighbours they say they know nothing about what the town intends to do,” he added.

New garbage collection schedule

Garbage collection will be scaled back to once every two weeks beginning in January, 2020. Mayor Yvan Cardinal said the change is aimed at encouraging residents to be more conscientious of what they throw out in the garbage and to promote more recycling and brown bin use for organic waste.

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