Letter to the editor 3, Oct. 31, 2019

School Tax Dollars

Dear Editor,

In January 2019, the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA) adopted a detailed Strategic Plan. One of the main sections in the Strategic Plan is the promotion of English public education and, “…all of the encompassing elements surrounding students, parents and communities.”

The association decided to establish a ‘one-time fund to promote English public education’ and requested a ‘one-time contribution’ from its nine member boards.

It was suggested that boards basically match what their membership fees are to the QESBA.

In the event this ‘exceptional, one-time contribution’ to the QESBA is not used, “in whole or in part,” for the purposes it was intended the ‘unused contribution’ will be returned to the board. Imagine.

At the Council of Commissioners' meetings on September 25, 2019 of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier and English Montreal school boards, the former decided to kick in about $111,000, while the latter voted to contribute $200,000.

How those funds were to be precisely used is disconcerting. Publicity? Radio, TV newspaper ads? Lawyers’ fees? Travel, hotels, meals? Who really knows?

On October 28, the Lester B. Pearson School Board voted to contribute $100,000, which would pay for myriad things. Two parent commissioners abstained.

I believe the Quebec government should look into this matter concerning our education dollars.

Chris Eustace


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