Letter to the editor 1, Oct. 31, 2019

An open letter to the Mayor and councillors of Hudson

In this era of great concern for the environment, climate change, global warming and carbon footprint, the Town of Hudson is missing a significant opportunity to contribute toward the solution. Automobiles are one of the greatest contributors to the problem as a result of exhaust emissions and herein lies the opportunity for Hudson.

Because stop and go traffic increases the exhaust emissions as demonstrated by the higher fuel consumption figures published for city driving as opposed to highway driving, streaming the traffic flow is one way to reduce these emissions as well as the carbon levels put into the atmosphere. I realize that stop signs are almost a religion in Hudson but the simple fact is that we probably have more unnecessary stops than almost anywhere of which I am aware. In fact, many of them are disregarded because they simply don’t make any sense and for as long as I can remember were only put in as traffic calming measures which actually makes a mockery of them.

In Europe four-way stops are illegal because it makes no sense to make everybody stop. Roundabouts are one way to deal with this problem but since we do not have space for them in Hudson perhaps we should be looking at other ways of keeping the stop and start to a minimum. Since most of the stop signs are simply designed to determine who has the right of way, I believe that use of yield signs could perform the same function without making vehicles stop unnecessarily and certainly the signs where there is no reason to stop, such as in the middle of Bellevue, could smooth the flow and save the emissions.

Doug Seagrim


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