Letter to the editor 4, Oct. 24, 2019

Tax exemption question

Dear Editor,

In July and also August I asked Hudson Mayor Jamie Nicholls about the CMQ’s (Commission Municipale du Québec) 2011 decision rejecting the Legion’s request to not pay taxes (re: Hudson to request Legions be exempted from municipal taxes, The Journal, October 17). That request was presented by M. Elliott who was on the Legion’s executive and not identified as the Mayor of Hudson – a clear conflict of interest. I asked if the town intends to respect that CMQ decision and collect taxes due from the Legion.

The last Director General made a commitment to do so when asked at a council meeting, and the mayor had replied that the CMQ decision would be respected by the town.

I understand that taxes have yet to be collected by the town after eight years. And at the last council meeting it was announced that the town would again lead a request to exempt the Legion from taxes for the same reasons – the same reasons that were considered carefully and rejected by CMQ in their decision.

As a veteran very familiar with how little the Legion actually does to help veterans – a reason why almost all recent veterans are rejecting the Legion – I strongly oppose this request and intend communicating the many reasons why this exemption should not be granted by the tax authorities and CMQ.

Trevor Smith


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