Letter to the editor 3, Oct. 24, 2019

Further ferry fines

Dear Editor,

From my experience the Code de la sécurité routière (the Quebec Highway Safety code) governs all aspects of use of public and even some private roads and it cannot be overridden by any municipal by-laws.

Paragraph 326.1 pertaining to the prohibition of crossing solid lines also has an exemption in sub-paragraph 2 that permits if it is to, "leave a lane that is obstructed or closed to traffic." A line of cars stopped in a lane is definitely an obstruction.

Hudson can write any by-laws they want but this one will carry no weight in court. I'm surprised that the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) officer wrote those tickets at the urging of the town. Well not really.

I have learned that not all SQ agents are very knowledgeable of the entire catechism of the Highway code.

She should have instead, perhaps, issued fines to the others for stopping, indicated as prohibited by the signage. That is allowable to the town by paragraph 295 of The Code.

I hope all those who were issued tickets contest them en-mass to SAAQ by ticking off the ‘Not Guilty’ box on the ticket and make reference to rule 326.1.

Marching as a group to court, if it comes to that, with pitchforks and torches would give a nice touch.

Alfred Epstein

Les Cèdres

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