• Jack Ip

Fun fundraiser for local athletes


Kaitlyn Ip (left) and Sarah Longlade lend a hand at the Saint-Lazare Taekwondo Club Barbecue fundraiser to help send young athletes to area tournaments.

This past Saturday (October 19), the IGA Saint-Lazare on Chemin Ste Angélique (IGA Famille Déziel Saint-Lazare) was the location of the Saint-Lazare Taekwondo Club Barbecue fundraiser. Hot-dogs, chips and baked goods were sold to raise funds to send young local athletes to tournaments. There was an atmosphere of a backyard party as live music, hot-dog consumption and general laughter from the public and organizers. At the end of the day, the fund drive was a success and surpassed the initial goal.

The Saint-Lazare Taekwondo Club is a non-profit organization and has been teaching Taekwondo in the region for the last 20 years with the same founding masters (Grand Master Sami Mazraani and Master André Zaraa) at the head of the club.

Special thanks to everyone who donated time and goods, David Longlade for the live entertainment and IGA Famille Déziel Saint-Lazare for the hot-dogs/buns and permission to host the event.


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