Saint-Lazare Historical Society


(Left to right): Robert Rozon (administrator), François Leroux (treasurer), Anick Chevrier (vice-president), Donald Simpson (president), Martine Léger (secretary), Gérald Sareault (administrator), Michel Piché (administrator).

The Saint-Lazare Historical Society (SLHS) was founded in 2016 and seeks to involve as many people in our local history. Anyone can become a member whether they are residents of Saint-Lazare or not. Becoming a member ensures the society’s long-term presence and allows for participation in the events. It also comes with the privilege of receiving four newsletters which are filled with old photos, stories, and historical facts about the town. On Thursday November 21 a conference will be held at city hall, 1960 Chemin Sainte-Angélique, to celebrate our town’s fire department’s 35th anniversary. Our volunteer fire department was created in 1984. In that first year a tragic event occurred when one of our firefighters, Charles Goulet, was killed during a fire. A ceremony will be held in his honour and a plaque will be unveiled and later placed in the town’s fire hall. This event will be held thanks to the support of the town of Saint-Lazare and its fire department. For more info, consult

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