Letter to the editor 3, Oct. 17, 2019

Education Bill 40: November 1, 2020 school board elections for Anglos

Dear Editor,

To show good faith with the major English-speaking groups such as the Quebec Community Groups Network, the Quebec English School Boards Association, and APPELE-Québec regarding school board reform Bill 40, the government has agreed to have traditional general school board (service centre) elections for the Anglophone sector only.

While the aforementioned groups are pleased with this turnaround by the Legault government, as a staunch supporter of the CAQ original education plan since 2011 - actually since 2007 with Mario Dumont and the ADQ - I consider the about-face a staggering disappointment.

So, as it is now, the Francophone network will be devoting all of its time, energy, and money based on the benefits of the long-held CAQ plan aimed at student success, while the Anglophones will be saddled with the extra burden of costly elections, using universal suffrage, to be held November 1, 2020, which, incidentally, in Novevember 2014, about 83 per cent of the Anglo population cared a less about.

That said, recall when Bill 40 was tabled October 1, 2019, the Anglo groups and some school board chairpersons said they needed time to study the 92-page lengthy bill before officially pronouncing themselves. It was even reported a, ‘phalanx of lawyers’ was pouring over the bill... It's been over two weeks.

Meanwhile, the English Parents Committee Association put out a fairly clear eight-page synopsis of the draft bill, titled ‘Bill 40 explained’ epcaquebec.org/for-parents/bill-40-explained.

Chris Eustace


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