• Nick Zacharias

Hudson to request Legions be exempted from municipal taxes


Hudson town council announced at the last monthly meeting that they would approach the provincial and federal governments to appeal on behalf of the Royal Canadian Legion. The goal is to have the Hudson Legion, and all other Legions in the province, exempted from paying property taxes. The idea behind the measure is to ease their burden in light of all the good they do for the community.

“These are our veterans who served our country, it’s the right thing to do” said Hudson Mayor Jamie Nicholls. He added it was not a new or extreme measure, as all Legion branches in Ontario were granted municipal tax exemptions starting this year.

When questioned on the move, and why other charitable or non-profit organizations are not considered for similar exemptions, the mayor replied, “They raised $39,000 for charity last year. They provide invaluable services to the community with their continued dedication to serve at the Ste. Anne’s Hospital, to provide for our veterans, for children, for service animals, and more.”

Nicholls went on to list their other charitable contributions and activities. Funds from their annual poppy campaign have benefitted The Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation and the Hawkesbury General Foundation, the NOVA Adult Day Centre, Manoir Cavagnal Seniors’ Residence, the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Palliative Care Residence and many more. The Legion members also volunteer to make a success of the annual Remembrance Day ceremony, to assist Cadets, and to provide a social hub for the community.

If the exemption is granted, the Hudson Legion stands to save close to $3000 per year, and they and all other Legion branches in the province will be in a better position to continue their community work. With the approach of November 11, the announcement is a timely one, and serves as a reminder of the upcoming Poppy Campaign for which the Legion is currently seeking volunteers.

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