Letter to the editor 4, Oct. 10, 2019

Canada doesn’t spend foreign aid on rich or corrupt governments!

Dear Editor,

As a proud Canadian, I’m alarmed by Andrew Scheer’s promise to cut Canada's foreign aid investment by 25 per cent. Canada needs a strong foreign policy that includes defense and international development.

Let's be clear – Canada doesn't send foreign aid money to rich or corrupt governments. Canada also doesn’t write blank cheques to the Russian or Italian governments. Canada supported persecuted LGBTQ groups in Chechnya and we also assisted with rescue and recovery efforts in Italy following a 2017 earthquake. That same year, Canadians benefited from the generosity of Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico during wildfires in British Columbia. Imagine if that support was cut by 25 per cent. Global generosity is a two-way street.

I care about Canada's role in ending global poverty, I have advocated for over 20 years on behalf of the most marginalized children in the developing world, including five personal visits to African Countries where I saw the need, as well as the work being done. I don’t need 40 cents extra in my pocket when I know children are starving in Canada and the developing world. I want Scheer and my local candidate, Karen Cox to know that helping people in need at home and abroad, should never become a partisan issue. It's a good investment in peace, security, and economic development.

Anything less is a retreat from leadership.

Best Regards,

Cynthia Conlon


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