Letter to the editor 1, Sept. 19, 2019

Upcoming class action suit against Hudson

Dear Editor, Hudson is about to issue a building permit for a housing development in a bog. Not only was that bog identified as an ecologically highly diversified wetland and worth protecting, it stands to reason that concrete foundations laid in a bog could lead to structural problems. There are several examples where engineering plans ended up being inaccurate: in Saint-Lazare, Vallée Chaline and Place Verdé; in the Constellation development in Lévis; and in the Alfred-Pellan development in Mirabel. By allowing building in a bog, Hudson is putting itself at risk of an eventual class action suit from the new homeowners there. A similar case is going on in the city of Lévis where 300 residents are suing the city for issuing building permits even though it had a report confirming the unstable soil in that area. The legal proceedings were filed in 2010. The case is far from finished. To date, there is no trial date scheduled. One can easily imagine the astronomical amount of legal fees that the city (understand taxpayers) had to spend so far to defend itself. Hudson Councillors must not forget that for most citizens their house is their single biggest investment and many are relying on its resale value to go up in order to obtain enough money to get through retirement. On August 5, 2019, Mayor Jamie Nicholls announced the intention of the Council to protect wetlands. I applauded the initiative. However, he unskillfully dodged my question about the bog and refused to confirm whether it would also be protected. Mayor Nicholls was elected on a green platform. Will he have enough leadership and courage to fetch the outside legal help needed to convince Councillors to protect wetlands? Or will Hudsonites need someone else to get the job done? The first victims of inappropriately issued building permits will be new homeowners. The collateral victims will be all Hudson taxpayers. Benjamin Poirier

Hudson Citizen

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