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Resident praises council for Chaline Valley stabilization work


Saint-Lazare Mayor Robert Grimaudo said most of the stabilization work currently underway in Chaline Valley should be completed by the end of October.

Proposed Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes traffic fix nixed

Saint-Lazare resident Richard Meades expressed his pleasure regarding the stabilization work that has already been undertaken to secure the Quinchien River banks in Chaline Valley. He thanked Mayor Robert Grimaudo and council for their efforts in making the project become a reality during question period at the Tuesday evening meeting on September 10.

“I’m delighted with what’s going on in Chaline Valley,” said Meades. “It’s incredible what they’re doing. Everybody is doing a great job. There are people on Place Cardin who are delighted, even though they’ve lost a bit of land, they now have a fantastic view of the valley – a view they didn’t have before because there was a wall of trees. Now they can see clear across to the other side.

Low-grade slopes

The hillsides that border Chaline Valley in the reconfiguration zone are being reshaped into low-grade slopes which should mitigate the possibility of a landslide occurring in the future. It’s the largest land stabilization project undertaken by the province of Quebec.

Meades is confident that when the project is completed, the stigma attached to a portion Chaline Valley being in a landslide zone will finally be lifted. “It’s going to be fantastic. I think Chaline Valley will be in demand,” Meades told council.

“I’m happy you’re happy,” Grimaudo replied. “We’re really lucky because Mother Nature has cooperated. It’s a massive undertaking and so far it’s been going very well. Thank you very much the recognition.”

‘Very happy and impressed’

The mayor estimates most of the work will be done by the end of October. “I’m very happy and impressed with the work being done by the contractor. I can’t say anything negative,” said Grimaudo. “There are 200 trucks going into and out of that place every day. The preparation was very well done. We’re very lucky. And let us not forget the amount of work that was put in by the administration to resolve this issue.”

Meades was instrumental in getting the town to address the situation when he first informed council of the landslide risk potential in 2012. The town spent the next six years working with various provincial departments to find a suitable solution to the problem. “The people in the affected sector will now be able to move on with their lives,” said Grimaudo.

Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes traffic

A proposal made by resident Darrin Etcovitch to get the provincial government to add left turn lanes to two intersections of Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes was nixed by Mayor Grimaudo who said the priority for the Ministry of Transport is to complete the reconfiguration of the Turcot interchange in downtown Montreal.

Etcovitch said the addition of separate left turn lanes at Chemin Sainte-Angélique and Chemin Saint-Louis would help to ease traffic congestion on Cité-des-Jeunes because motorists would be able to continue unimpeded instead of becoming bogged down while waiting for vehicles to turn left at both intersections.

Turcot interchange completion

“You’re right that traffic is getting worse. The reality is that it belongs to the MTQ (Provincial transport ministry). There is political pressure being put on the MTQ on a regular basis. Unfortunately, and I say this openly, the reality is when we ask a question and put political pressure I get the comment back to me it will only happen when the Turcot is completed. It’s unfortunate. I don’t like the answer. It pisses me off,” said Grimaudo.

He added there’s very little money left over to do other types of road work because the bulk of the MTQ budget is allotted for the completion of the Turcot.

“Cité-des-Jeunes is a very important artery. I brought it up again today with a political attaché from the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ),” Grimaudo added. “Unfortunately, there was no one there who could help me but it felt good because I vented.”

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