Letter to the editor 3, September 5, 2019

Federal plan to protect the Brazilian rainforest?

Dear Editor,

Some researchers claim that perhaps every tree in the Brazilian rainforest has a unique ecology.

I came across this as a researcher, before there was an internet – an insect eats a leaf, the plant evolves a defence, the insect evolves a counter-attack to that defence and so on, back-and-forth, over eons.

This is a form of what can only be described as chemical warfare, which we believe may hold the secrets to defeating disease, especially cancer.

In one province of Brazil, the governor is the largest farmer of soybeans. We can hardly expect him to support the ecology, nor the indigenous people.

When I flew over the rainforest in 1975, it was just one vast stretch of green, criss-crossed by a sparse grid of dirt roads. Today I am dismayed by the ‘progress.’

Satellite photos of the fires currently burning show they are not random but mostly at the edge of already clear-cut land.

Does our or any government have a plan to help protect rain forest?

I would like to propose an initiative to save large tracts.

I have been working on this idea for about 15 years ever since I read in Canadian Geographic magazine that Wendy's Restaurants and MacDonald’s were responsible for half the land in Central America being deforested for beef production.

Let me know if there is any interest, because at this point it would take a government leader to support the project.

As an individual I do not carry much weight or credibility.

William Bradley

Acting chair

Comité des Citoyens de Rigaud


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