Letter to the editor 2, September 5, 2019

Good as goldenrod

Dear Editor,

Over the last few years, quite a few friends and neighbours have advised me to pull out goldenrod flowers from our garden. Many think this is a common allergen – but it is not. Others just feel a need to weed them out. Personally, I enjoy the flowers immensely, especially since goldenrod thrives at a time when most plants have died off or are struggling.

More importantly, goldenrod is an attractive source of nectar for bees and butterflies and pollinator gardens are becoming increasingly important. (It is nice to see a good sized pollinator patch at the Hudson History Garden, by the way).

Not just a late summer ‘weed’ - goldenrod is actually the state flower of Kansas and Nebraska. Tall Goldenrod was recently named the state wildflower of South Carolina and Sweet Goldenrod is the state herb of Delaware. Young goldenrod leaves and seeds of some species are edible.

Hilary Dempsey


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