Letter to the editor 1, August 29, 2019

For the animals

Dear Editor,

Approximately three weeks ago a raccoon was spotted in the Kilteevan area of Hudson with a plastic jar on his head. Efforts were made to catch the animal but, unfortunately, it only climbed higher in the tree where it became unreachable.

A few days ago, the raccoon (we assume it was the same one) was seen in the same area, but again it evaded capture.

On Friday, August 23, it again appeared – which is amazing considering how long the jar had been on its head. How it managed to survive so long presumably without food or water, is a miracle.

After several hours and several attempts by the Hudson Patrol to capture the animal, a call was made to La Nichoir who contacted a wildlife rescue company, Service d’Intervention Animale Rive Nord. The raccoon was by this time at a height where it could be reached and appeared exhausted. The Wildlife lady was amazing. She managed to lasso the animal, bring it to the ground and pull the jar off its face. It still had enough strength to fight her, but once released climbed, somewhat unsteadily, to the top of another tree where it spent the evening recovering.

Thank you to the Hudson Patrol for their support and Le Nichoir for helping us by contacting the wildlife rescue service.

It is sad that we need to remind people that we live in the country and these animals exist with us. It is important to be aware that many of the things we take for granted can have repercussions for the animals.

Please rinse containers and jars and leave tops when you throw them in the recycling bins, keep your garbage bins away from areas where animals can climb into them (like steps or railings) and don’t leave the bins out overnight.

Barbara Vipond,

Deborah Bayly Barclay


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