Letter to the editor 2, August 22, 2019

Something fishy

Dear Editor,

For the past three years, crews have been dumping and strategically placing hundreds of truckloads of rock into the Ottawa River south of the Taschereau Bridge between Pincourt and Dorion. This apparently is to provide for new fish hatching areas to replace those destroyed during the building of the new Champlain Bridge. One needs to wonder if all this new rock fill in the river has reduced the capacity to handle the increased flow of water during the annual spring snow melt.

The volume of water will have to go somewhere. Some properties on both sides of the river are already vulnerable to flooding but has the newly introduced fill in the river made these and possibly additional properties even more at risk due to diminished water flow capacity in the area ?

Did the visionaries in Ottawa for this project even consider the probability of an increased risk of flooding?

It makes one wonder why a narrow stretch of the Ottawa River would be partially plugged up to provide spawning grounds for fish completely on the opposite side of Montreal Island.

I am not schooled in the subject but one can only imagine that the fish would continue to spawn in traditional areas and would probably discover new spawning grounds provided by the new bridge construction.

Bill Smyth


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