Letter to the editor 6, August 15, 2019


Dear Editor,

I noticed a recent article you had about coywolves after an internet search my husband and I did recently. We were on our way home and we were taking Route Harwood from the Whitlock golf club.

As we passed Montée Cadieux, something very large crossed the road at high speed and then disappeared into the brush. Its movement resembled that of a wolf and its size was impressive (like a deer only too low to the ground and its movement too stealthy).

We have a large dog (130 lbs) and this animal was definitely larger.

We were baffled and immediately went to the internet to try and figure out what animal would be moving like that. Since your article came the closest to the description, I thought it prudent to share our experience as it seems clear that something large and quick is roaming our streets.

Donna Haley


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