Letter to the editor 1, August 15, 2019

Federal candidate debate needed on climate change

Dear Editor,

In 2017 and 2019, my husband and I not only saw but directly experienced two major floodings of the Ottawa River which are directly connected to climate change.

We are undoubtedly in a climate emergency. The government of Canada, along with many others around the world, has even declared a national climate emergency. And if we don’t take action immediately we can expect things to get much, much worse.

In a federal election year, we have a critical opportunity to make sure that real solutions to the climate crisis, like a Green New Deal, are at the centre of every party’s platform. That’s why we need a leaders’ debate on climate change before voters hit the ballot box October 21.

It is shameful that climate change only received 15 minutes of air time in federal leaders’ debates in the last election.

Our climate and our planet simply can’t afford for that to happen again.


Marie-Andrée Michaud


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