• Brian Gallagher

I’m ba-aack!

Why hello there beautiful people. So nice to be back. Hope you missed me just a little bit. I know you missed having The Journal around to lie back in the hammock with so aren’t you glad that happy days are here again?

So let’s talk. What did you do during my summer vacation? Anything exciting? Cottage? Road trip? Any trips into Montreal to try the ‘Orange Cone Slalom’ run? Here in Shangri-la we are still suffering through the construction zone outside Bellevue Park as they replace all the sewers and drains along the waterfront road right through from the park to 22nd Avenue. So dust storms, foundation-shaking tremors and trying to avoid being run down by fast moving heavy machinery have been the daily routine. Lovely. But this is the price you pay for living in paradise…

I see I have digressed. It is one of my very few faults (in my humble opinion – the comments presented here are solely those of the columnist and in no way represent the views of The Journal, its benevolent editor or the columnist’s long-suffering wife).

So in the last few weeks I enjoyed a lot of great music and good times. The Hudson Music Festival was yet another awesome success. The shows were top notch, the music was fantastic and the weather was completely co-operating!

If you caught the Johnny Cash tribute show you had a toe-tapping afternoon at the packed Mews location on Main Road and if you saw the short stout cowpoke in the black Dollarama hat on stage well then pardners, that was yours truly having a blast (except that hat left a semi-permanent black band on my forehead – you get what you pay for my Mom always said).


Firemen’s Day in Pincourt was just one of the many activities enjoyed by our region’s residents over the past few weeks and more fun is on the way this fall season.

Firemen’s day in Pincourt was another blockbuster day – these guys do it up right. There was even more bouncy and bubbly fun for the young ones all day then great classic rock all night. And if you missed that spectacular fireworks exhibition? Well, let me say it was Benson and Hedges quality. Best ever!

But now it’s back to the grind, dear readers. Got to make some shekels so I can return to buying the pimento olives for the martinis, and not the ‘Compliments’ brand either.

First up on my agenda is to catch ‘Marion Bridge’ at the Hudson Village Theatre. The ‘Drawer boy’ was a hit and this one seems to be getting just as many rave reviews! Catch it before it is gone on August 25. Call the box office for all the details at (450) 458-5361.

As always, if you have some music, art or other cool event you think I should be checking out please hit me up at kickinthearts@yourlocaljournal.ca.


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