• Nick Zacharias

Good things happening at the Hudson Community Pool


Hudson Community Pool’s senior duet team of Emma Garcia (front) and Kaley Sheehan enter the water in perfect synch in front of coaches Leah Birch (filming), Andrea Calabrese and Nikki Van Noord.

This past Tuesday afternoon, Hudson Community Pool played host to the ALPS summer 2019 synchronized swimming finals for the Junior and Senior Solo and Duet categories. ALPS (Association of Lakeshore Pools) is a group of 22 outdoor community pools covering an area from Westmount to Hudson that organizes competitive swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming events throughout the summer months. The finals drew a sizeable group of young athletes from all over the region; about 100 girls and boys (yes, it has been a long time coming but boys too are now welcomed in synchro events) descended on Hudson along with legions of coaches and fans to cheer them on.

“They practiced a lot to get here,” said Hudson Community Pool coach Leah Birch of her swimmers. “They’re in the pool at least four times a week for synchro.” And that’s on top of all their other activities, as most of the ALPS competitors are also active in at least one or two other aquatic pursuits.

With the promise of a clear sunny sky and warm temperatures, the afternoon unfolded without a hitch (with the possible exception of the odd false start on the music front) and the competitors all performed well in a fun and friendly atmosphere filled with support and team spirit.

Great results

As for Hudson’s results, Head coach Nikki Van Noord reports that solo swimmer Delphine Simard and the duet of Morgan Gauthier and Charlotte Simard placed fifth in the junior division, while Chloe Bouchard placed sixth in senior solo, and senior duet Kaley Sheehan and Emma Garcia placed ninth. All of this against competitors from 22 pools, so all in all a result that the swimmers and their coaches can be proud of as their program continues to flourish and grow.

“It’s a wonderful event, and a great place for young kids to be,” says ALPS representative for Hudson Community Pool Deborah Cotton, speaking of the day’s finals and of ALPS summer swimming events in general. “It’s a place where they can be part of something where they’re growing and competing and doing fun positive things outdoors all summer - for years and years - from a very young age all the way through.”

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