• Brian Gallagher

Hip hip hooray for summer vacation!

Sing it with me beautiful people – “School’s out for summer!” Now I know that some of you young’uns are already in full summer vacation mode for a few weeks now but you must allow me my moment of glee as we at the paper here shut down for three weeks. Makes me feel like a kid again except I am no longer that young boy racing down the school corridor charging hell-bent through the doors into the sweet freedom of summer. Nope, now I just roll over, unceremoniously push the cat off my pillow onto the floor and hit the snooze button for another three hours.

And speaking of my pudgy little furry buddy – a mere drop of only 30 inches to the floor should never elicit the sound “oooof” from a cat. I didn’t even know cats could “oooof.” The furball has been packing on the pounds lately. He is hitting feline middle age and it’s starting to show. When he was younger he looked little a miniature Christmas tree sitting on the floor. Now I call him ‘Shortstack’ because he is starting to look like an IHOP® breakfast plate – only thing missing is the maple syrup. Although growing up at our house it was the much more affordable Habitant table syrup. For years I thought that it was made from whatever wood they made tables from. Seriously, what food group is ‘table?’ Sounds quite tasty, doesn’t it?

Well as part of my ongoing commitment to provide you with things you absolutely need to know here are the ingredients: glucose-fructose, sugar, corn syrup, water, brown sugar, artificial maple flavour, caramel colour, potassium sorbate. Got that? Let me translate for you: SUGAR, SUGAR, water, SUGAR, SOME CHEMICAL THAT TASTES LIKE MAPLE, SOME CHEMICAL THAT MAKES IT LOOK LIKE CARAMEL and finally – “AN ODOURLESS AND TASTELESS SALT SYNTHETICALLY PRODUCED FROM SORBIC ACID AND POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE.” Bet now you want some…


Now that you’ve carb-loaded on a nutritious balanced breakfast here’s some events to keep you busy over my summer holidays:

The Drawer Boy at the Hudson Village Theatre is receiving rave reviews. Catch it before it is done! Next up on the HVT playlist will be ‘Marion Bridge.’ which is set in my family’s little corner of the world on Cape Breton Island. I will have to make sure I see this one!


Have you ever been out to Windmill Point (Pointe du Moulin) in Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot? It’s a beautiful historic park at the eastern tip of the island. They have cool activities all summer long on the weekends and coming up on August 11 they will have an outdoor music concert featuring local artists. It is definitely worth the trip and pack a picnic lunch to enjoy by the water!


This Saturday is the Vankleek Hill Porchfest. If you are out and about walk around the picturesque village and catch some wonderful music. If you are walking down Main St. around 3 p.m. drop by the Windsor Tavern and say “Hi”. No I’m not in the tavern drinking, I’ll be performing outside on the patio along with my good friends Keith Ford and Nick Thompson. All the details are on their website: www.porchfestvankleekhill.ca.


Don’t forget about the Hudson Music Festival starting August 2nd! Should be another amazing year. Lineup and schedule can be found at www.hudsonmusicfestival.ca.

If you have some music, art or other cool event you think I should be checking outdoors in the sun please hit me up at kickinthearts@yourlocaljournal.ca.