Letter to the editor, July 11, 2019

Open letter

Dear Jimmy Percent,

In reading your tiresome contributions appearing on social media, I realized you will never be satisfied with any of the city of Saint-Lazare’s responses to any situation. I therefore came to the sad conclusion that a) you display all the symptoms of a grievance addict and b) that your use of complaints are an end in itself and cannot be interpreted as constructive criticisms about anything that grabs your attention.

I pity you. I picture you sulking in your loneliness, desperately trying to find fault, however minute, however farfetched, in any decision taken by city council to improve the lives of citizens like it has done when it moved to stabilize the banks of the Quinchien River in Chaline Valley. In the years preceding the works, you did everything to arouse the fears of many of the residents, to misinterpret the information offered by the city, to presume without evidence the motives of council members and to shield behind your aliases while dishing out various demeaning epithets to whoever did not subscribe to your obliquities, delusions, and misleading statements.

Hiding behind aliases on the internet is juvenile at best. Using others to post your tendentious nonsense was callous in that it exposed these people to legal jeopardy while you were snickering in your anonymity. I also noticed that you pretend friendship when we meet you in person, but the moment we leave you do not hesitate to stick a knife in our backs.

Yes Jimmy, the work to improve the safety of our fellow citizens in the Chaline Valley is not without risks. Yes, the work might end up costing more. But what was the alternative, pray tell? Doing nothing? Oh, I can see you here! If the city had decided to do nothing on the basis of your fearmongering, you would have gleefully (and anonymously, of course) written some outrageous statement to the effect that our cowardly council should have done something! For you, whatever the city would have come up with as a decision, you would have excoriated them. You have a pathological need to be abusive, ornery and churlish.

You managed in all of your deceptive writings to mystify me with your observation that the people of Chaline Valley should shoulder by themselves the loan to pay for the costs of the work not covered by other financial arrangements. I argued in council that the whole community should share in the costs of that loan on the basis of equity and fairness. We already pay federal and provincial income taxes that advantage the nation as a whole, even if, as individuals, we often do not directly benefit from a program or another. Taxation is about community, not individualism. The great American jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes said in 1927 that taxes are the price we pay for civilization. Think about it.

Jimmy Percent, grow up, try to be honest, stop being a scaredy-cat, come out of the closet and account for yourself. And try to find something positive to say, for once.

It will do you a world of good.

Benoît Tremblay

Saint-Lazare council member

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