• Brian Gallagher

Whatchoo doin?


Did you know 6-pack boxes of Kleenex are on sale in multiple pharmacies around town? Wonder why? I don’t. I run open-mouthed towards each sale because I am in the midst of a full-blown, drawn-out, cage match battle with allergies. I’m not lying, beautiful people. This is as bad as any epic man-cold. Maybe even worse because there is a chance that you might get a small measure of sympathy for the dreaded man-cold but not an ounce for allergies in the middle of summer.

It just simply started a few days ago, just as soon as the ‘helicopters’ and other various forms of pollen-infested droppings stopped raining from the trees around our castle.

And without warning; no sniffles or nose tickles, just an immediate and explosive reaction with subsequent facial leakage. I feel like indoors with the windows and doors sealed while the A/C pumps out life-saving dry stale air is the only refuge I will have this season. As soon as I step outdoors to stroll around Shangri-la I start leaking like the plumbing in some dodgy public restroom and frantically begin to pull out soggy wads of Kleenex from every pocket futilely trying to stem the tide of phlegm surging from my nostrils while mothers avert their children’s eyes and recoil in horror as if I was John Hurt in ‘The Elephant Man.’ Too graphic? You’re welcome. Just telling you how I feel is all. A little sympathy? Anyone? Bueller?

I don’t know, maybe I’m allergic to all the construction around these parts. Maybe their archaeological digs are stirring up long-buried flora from aeons ago that are offensive to my sensitive nasal passages. Or maybe this entire rant is just the combination of Reactine and martinis talking, I’m not sure. But c’mon man! It’s not even hay fever season yet! This is going to be a long summer folks…

While I sit on the window table like one of our tabby cats longingly looking outdoors and wishing I could go outside, here are a few little suggestions for you outdoor cats:

For some fun in the sun this Saturday, head on out west and catch the St. Zotique Food Truck Festival from noon until 9 p.m. All sorts of great eats to choose from as well as activities for the kids and a music concert to close out the day. It’s happening at Plage St. Zotique, 105, 81st Avenue, St. Zotique.

Don’t forget that the terrific play ‘The Drawer Boy’ is still going on until July 21. Go grab a bite or a cocktail on one of Hudson’s many terraces then go check it out. Tickets and more show info can be found by contacting them at (450) 458-5361 or hvtbox@villagetheatre.ca

Tonight (July 4) is the press conference for the 13th edition of the Hudson Music Festival so I will certainly be attending and excited to soon share with you this year’s stellar line-up!

As always, make sure you check out the ‘Things to See and Do’ section of The Journal for all upcoming community events in and around the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area and if you have some music, art or other cool event you think I should be checking out please hit me up at kickinthearts@yourlocaljournal.ca.


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