• Brian Gallagher

Penny wise, Kilogram foolish


So it was exactly one year ago tomorrow that we moved from our long-time home in Hudson to a small bungalow here in Shangri-la. We decided to downsize so we could concentrate on travel and enjoying ourselves. In Hudson we had a 33,000 square-foot property and hundreds of square feet of gardens to maintain plus a large house to clean. So how has the year of rest and relaxation been working out for us?

From the time we moved in until this March, we tore down walls, reconfigured the main floor, gutted the main bathroom, remodelled the kitchen, painted the entire house inside, changed all the doors, hardware, baseboards and trim, and some of the flooring. We also recouped a room in the basement by having the furnace changed and relocated into the crawlspace.

Done, right? Time to relax, right? Not when you are us.

The snow melted and we looked at the outside of the house and said, “Hmm… I wonder if we just did this or that how it would look?” And before you can say ‘herniated disc’ our side yard is filled with trees, shrubs and perennials to plant, our garage is filled with bags of river rock, mulch and one very large heavy pallet of patio stones and retaining wall blocks. And let’s not forget the large mountain of earth in the middle of our driveway.

What is wrong with us? Gluttons for punishment perhaps? I prefer to think that one of the catalysts for this mountain of work is that I can’t resist a good sale. It’s true. I got that gene from my mother. She loved her bargains. When I was young and would have friends over, we would hang in the basement like all good teenagers, hiding away from annoying adults and their boring old people conversations. And invariably a friend would ask me, “Why are there so many packages of toilet paper, boxes of Tide, cans of Campbell soup etc… piled up high above the washing machine?” Because to save money, when it was a really good sale, Mom would buy in bulk. I mean, ‘end-of-the-world’ quantities. Eagle-eye Mrs. Gallagher would sift through all the weekly circulars and when there was a deep discount on something we used, she went all-in.

That gene has absolutely been passed on to yours truly. Remember that extra room in the basement? I am now happily filling it with packs of toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex and cases of water and pop. Now this little place of ours truly feels like home! So when I saw that Rona had some serious savings on outdoor stones and decorative accents, well the Gallagher savings gene kicked in and I naturally went all-in. Rest? Relaxation? Bah Humbug! If my beautiful wife ever wants to park her car in the garage ever again, I have thousands of pounds of work ahead of me this summer and fall. All in the name of savings beautiful people, all hail the power of the sale!

For those of you without two to five years of hard labour and landscaping ahead of you – head out and enjoy the summer!

The second instalment of the musical fundraisers helping out local flood victims is taking place Saturday, June 22 at St. James Church in Hudson from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Another great local lineup of talented musicians brought together by Vivianne LaRiviere will be donating their time and talents to this important local cause. Tickets are $20 and more info can be found by calling (450) 458-5897 or by emailing rector@parishofvaudreuil.com.

Remember, if you have some music, art or other cool event you think I should be giving a shout out to please hit me up at kickinthearts@yourlocaljournal.ca.


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