Letter to the editor 2, June 20, 2019

Not so cool

Dear Editor,

As the sun begins to make more of an appearance in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area, more motorcyclists are seen dusting off their bikes and taking them out for a ride.

Although it is beginning to become more of a norm to see high temperatures above the 25 degree Celsius range, I am distraught by seeing many unprotected riders. T-shirt, jeans/shorts, and shoes... this is not proper motorcycle attire! I understand it's very hot outside, but would you rather sweat or be severely injured and possibly die?

As a kid, sure you didn't wear your helmet when your parents weren't looking, but remember that fall that scraped from your ankle to your knee? How bad that hurt?

Imagine going 60-100 km per hour and then falling... not so cool anymore!

Mary Mitchell


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