Letter to the editor 3, June 13, 2019

Permanent solution

Dear Editor,

Over the last few years, we have had a few floods on the West Island of Montreal, where rivers overflowed their banks due to spring snow melts, rains, storms, or other natural disaster.

The cost of these floods runs into the $10 million range each year. Now François Legault of the CAQ promised to pay $200,000 to each homeowner to encourage them to leave, even if their house was worth $350,000.

The 20-year floodplain map should be available soon. I guess people should not build on the floodplain.

Why not fix the problem once for all - build a permanent dike. Much of Holland is below sea level, but permanent dikes have solved their flooding problems.

But oh... owners of river edge homes do not want a permanent dike on their property. Okay, put the dike behind their house.

So, what do we want? Waste millions of dollars every time there is a flood, or build dikes once and solve the problem forever?

Ed Hoyer


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