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Saint-Lazare development projects highlight town council meeting


Much confusion over a proposed development project for the current site of Mon Village was cleared up during the recent Saint-Lazare council meeting held June 11.

The proposed Mon Village development project east of Highway 40 on Côte Saint-Charles Road was a topic of discussion during the Tuesday, June 11 council meeting.

Resident Linda Glasgow raised the issue of the comments posted on social media by Hudson Town Councilor Jim Duff concerning the potential effect the development would have on the Viviry River Watershed.

“The resolution that is being passed tonight has nothing to do with the approval of the project,” responded Mayor Robert Grimaudo adding the resolution concerned an adjustment to increase the amount of parkland set aside by the developer.

“The reality is that there is no approval of a project, yet,” said Grimaudo. “What the project is waiting for is authorization from the Ministry of the Environment for their septic system. Nothing can go forward until that is approved.”

Councillor Geneviève Lachance added council had sent the developer a request for information in October, 2018. There were questions regarding a traffic circulation study, the sewage system, and the forest cover according to Lachance.

“Nothing has been approved,” she said. “We are looking at the options. We are looking at the details. What Mr. Duff said was not the right information.”

In an interview on Wednesday, June 12, Lachance told The Journal the recently invoked moratorium on construction in the west end does not extend to the area of the Mon Village project.

“It’s a fully integrated project including residential and commercial,” said Mayor Grimaudo following the meeting, adding potable water for the project would be provided by the Saint-Lazare municipal water system.

City-wide wetland protection

Council also approved the first project of Resolution 1070 pertaining to the protection of wetlands on the territory of the city. It prevents the backfilling and excavation of all wetlands throughout the city with one exception – Zone C-052.

The resolution previously protected wetlands within the urban perimeter, according to Lachance who said the previous council made the exception for Zone C-052. The zone is a relatively small area in the same territory as the Mon Village project according to the city’s zone maps. A public consultation for the wetlands protection resolution is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25 at 7 p.m.at City Hall.

Newly elected councillors

The mayor congratulated the newly elected councillors for Districts 2 and 3. Pierre Casavant won the seat for District 2 and Benoît Tremblay is the new councillor for District 3. Casavant and Tremblay were not at the council table as they won’t be officially sworn in until Friday, June 14. The voter participation rate for the by-election held Sunday, June 9 was pegged at 12.06 per cent.

Chaline Valley stabilization project price goes up

Council postponed the approval of a resolution pertaining to an increase in the cost of the Chaline Valley stabilization project.

“We’re basically $3 million short,” said the mayor following the meeting. The June 11 meeting was adjourned until Tuesday, June 18 giving councillors time to investigate where the money will come from, according to the mayor. A major part of the funding is from the Quebec government.

“The government is providing us with $9.8 million but the price of the project has gone up,” said Grimaudo. The June 18 meeting will also deal with two other resolutions dealing with the salary structure and remuneration of town employees.

Note - after press time, the Ville de Saint-Lazare issued the following communiqué:

Vallée-Chaline: stabilization contract awarded

Saint-Lazare, Quebec, Wednesday, June 12, 2019 – Ville de Saint-Lazare wishes to inform Vallée-Chaline residents that the slope stabilization contract was awarded to Loiselle Inc the at the Council meeting of Tuesday, June 11, 2019. The work is expected to begin on Tuesday, July 2, 2019.

Information evening on the stabilization work on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 All Vallée-Chaline residents, whether directly affected by the project or not, are invited to an information session on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at the community centre (1301 Chemin du Bois). Residents are asked to arrive at 6:30 p.m. to register and update their contact information so that authorities can stay in touch with them throughout the project. During the evening, representatives of the Town, the different ministries as well as Services EXP Inc. will present the major steps of the project, including hours of operation, the work sequence, the timelines for each site, tree cutting operations, the creation of access roads to access the different sites, roads taken to transport the excavation and rip-rap material, as well as the inconvenience residents will have to deal with throughout the project (noise, dust, high truck traffic, safety, etc.). Residents unable to attend the meeting because of the short notice will be able to view the video broadcast on demand on the Town’s website http://www.ville.saint-Lazare.qc.ca/en/zonesdecontraintes. Visual inspection of buildings and secondary constructions by photos and videos Prior to starting the stabilization work, the visual inspection of buildings and secondary constructions is required in the vicinity of the work, including inspection of main residences, sheds, swimming pools, fences, walls, isolated garages, garden gazebos, pergolas, etc. Residents should therefore expect to see, in the coming days and weeks, the presence of duly identified inspectors in their area, on their property. Inspectors are authorized to capture outside images and videos. Any required indoor inspection will be planned in advance with the owner. For questions regarding these activities, Vallée-Chaline residents can contact their dedicated line at 514-250-0964. Rue Chaline culvert The City takes the opportunity to advise residents that repair to the culvert under Rue Chaline is underway. The culvert replacement contract was awarded on June 11. The mid-July timeframe is still maintained.

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