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Pincourt residents complain about shallow, shoddy sod work


Pincourt resident Susan Ore stands atop what used to be her lawn on 23rd Avenue but is now a mishmash of poor quality top soil strewn with small rocks, a few scraggly, stubby weeds and large bare spots. Mayor Yvan Cardinal said the city is making the necessary corrections to make sure the all the affected lawns are properly restored.

The grass isn’t greener on Susan Ore’s lawn in Pincourt. In fact, it isn’t growing at all. What was once a lush green carpet of grass is now a mishmash of poor quality top soil strewn with small rocks, a few scraggly, stubby weeds and large bare spots.

Ore brought her plight to the Pincourt council meeting on Tuesday evening, June 11. She addressed council during the speakers’ soap box where citizens can speak about any topic they choose. Ore spoke about her abysmal looking lawn, a recent symptom that affects her neighbours’ lawns all along the north side of the street she lives on.

‘Garbage sods’

“I’m here on behalf of my neighbourhood, 23rd Avenue,” Ore began. “There was major work done on our street last year. Our roads were ripped up; our lawns were shattered. A contractor replaced our lawns last fall with garbage sods. It turns out the earth that was put under the sod was infested with white worms. That sod has been removed.”

Ore complained another contractor recently sprayed the lawns with a hydro-seeding system which is not growing at all. She followed the instructions in a letter from the town that specified how and where to water, but the grass never sprouted. She also complained about having at least 10 small-sized rocks in every square foot section of her front lawn.

‘Our lawns look terrible’

“I have lived in Pincourt for 38 years and this is the first time I’ve seen something like this addressed in such an appalling manner. Our lawns look terrible. I’m ashamed to invite people to my house. It’s a bed of weeds. There is no grass growing, it’s only weeds. We need this to be addressed. It truly is out of control,” said Ore.

Her neighbour Bill Tainsh also had what was once a pristine and lush green lawn. He took pride in his lawn and maintained it properly only to also have a patchwork of weeds growing through the bare earth as well.

Topsoil with rocks

“I thought the only way to properly redo a lawn was to lay down sod. I never heard of that spray stuff they did it with. Then when I saw the weeds come up, I said ‘that won’t work.’ And with all the rocks in the soil, it would make a good rock garden. They didn’t put good topsoil down. They put topsoil with rocks. I can’t do anything with this,” said Tainsh.

Mayor Yvan Cardinal said the city is making the necessary corrections to make sure the all the affected lawns are properly restored. “All the citizens will have to do is make sure their lawns are properly watered. We hope the result will be positive this time,” he said.


Mariniers baseball Vice-President Eric Georges addresses Pincourt Director General Michel Perrier for making what he said were inaccurate statements including that they didn’t follow proper procedures when applying to the town to use its baseball fields.

Pincourt Mariniers

Eric Georges, the Vice-President of the Mariniers baseball club for local children, disputed comments made two weeks ago by Director General Michel Perrier that the team didn’t follow the proper procedures when it applied to the town to use its baseball fields. Perrier said it wasn’t that the town didn’t want to accommodate the Mariniers.

“When you create an association, you check beforehand to make sure you have everything you need. They recruited players, bought equipment, gear, sweaters, and then they began knocking on our door to say, ‘Oh, by the way. We need a field’. It doesn’t work that way,” said Perrier at the time.

Proper steps taken

Georges told council the team did follow the correct protocol before the start of the season. “The proper steps were taken in order for us to build our own program. If it was good enough for L’Île-Perrot and Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, why wasn’t it good enough for Pincourt? We didn’t make promises we couldn’t keep. Everything we promised our members was met and beyond. Everybody is happy to be in our program,” he said.

‘We’re not going to stop’

“We just want our kids who are from Pincourt to use the fields like the other two organizations and other five softball teams that share the field. Why can’t we be like one of them and just rent the place. I just want them to understand and make a statement that we’re not going to go away because they don’t want to rent a field. We’re going to come back and we’re not going to stop until we have that field,” said Georges.

When The Journal asked Perrier what he had to say regarding Georges’ assertion, Perrier replied, “Nothing. I maintain my statement. He can say that I’m right or wrong. That’s my statement. I won’t change it. It’s as simple as that,” said Perrier.

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