Letter to the editor 2, June 6, 2019

A response to some by-election questions

Dear Editor,

In the May 23 edition of The Journal, Isabelle Gorce, a door-to-door campaigner for my opponent in

District 2 asked some questions.

1) On the topic of councillors resigning from their positions, she asks, “where do I get

my facts”; I refer you to numerous medial articles including James Armstrong’s, ‘Saint-Lazare formally informed of Councillor Tremblay’s resignation’ published April 25, 2019.

In a ‘nutshell,’ two facts are detailed in these articles that followed the abrupt resignation of two councillors.

Former District 2 Councillor Pamela Tremblay stated that she was a target of unacceptable comments, attitudes, and behaviours. Former District 3 Councillor Martin Couture did not “publically” declare the reason for his departure, and I did not speak to him, however the newspaper articles confirmed Mayor Robert Grimaudo stated that both councillors wrote in their letters of resignation that an “unhealthy work environment” was the reason for their departures.

On a positive note, council has acknowledged a problem and is in the process of healing, and I look forward to the opportunity of being part of that process.

2. She infers that I am spreading falsehoods. The facts as detailed above speak for themselves.

3. She asks, “how will I work effectively with council if I am trying to tarnish their names?”

The newspapers reported on abusive behaviour which created an unhealthy working environment. These are not facts ‘created’ by me to tarnish anyone, quite the opposite. I chose to campaign for council to create positive change and enlist my 30 years of corporate experience to work for all citizens. It’s what I do, it’s who I am. My goal is to help change the chemistry at council and actually help polish it together, not tarnish it.

4. She states she has never seen me at public council meetings until recently. I appreciate that I may not stand out in a crowd, but I attend meetings to be informed, not to garner attention.

5. She states she, “would be very interested in learning more about (my) knowledge on

current town issues…..”

She acknowledged that I have been fighting ‘disinformation’ and the ‘spreading of

Falsehoods’ when she quoted my October 6, 2017 letter to the editor in The Journal, so she is aware that I have been fighting negativity for at least two years. If she would really like to learn more, I invite her to contact me: amc@annamariaconte.ca, to arrange a one-on-one meeting as I go door-to-door giving people a new and fresh option for council.

Anna Maria Conte

Candidate District 2


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