Letter to the editor 1, June 6, 2019


Dear Editor,

I am confused on where Saint-Lazare by-election candidate Anna Maria Conte stands on environmental issues. I am part of the group that passed the petition that gathered over 2,600 signatures and was handed in to council last year.

She posted our petition but, did she read it? It asks for indepth environmental studies of the west end where the old wood forests, main wildlife corridor interlinking three municipalities, and main water recharge area reside.

In her election platform in The Journal May 16, 2019 she is quoted, ‘“Money needs to be spent wisely and not wasted.” She questioned whether environmental studies done in the past had been put to use and if there was a need for more recent studies.’

The Genivar Phase 1 and 2 and Liber ero studies have been referred to many times and the data used. Genivar results helped orient the objectives of the Plan de Conservation.

There is a need for more recent studies because Genivar Phase 3 was never done. It was to cover this last section of Saint-Lazare.The petition clearly asks for indepth studies. Why then, if she doubts the need for recent studies, does she post our petition?

Before the environment can be protected, it must be assessed to discern its ecological value. This is a vital key in discerning what areas can be developed and what areas should be left alone.

Pat Novas


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