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Vaudreuil-Dorion expands bike path network


Cyclists in Vaudreuil-Dorion will have a new option to choose from this summer as the city prepares to convert the north portion of Rue des Dahlias into a bike path.

Vaudreuil-Dorion cyclists will have another bike route option to choose from as the city prepares to convert a portion of the north side of Rue des Dahlias into a bike path. The lane width of the street for vehicles will be reduced to accommodate the path and parking will only be permitted on the south side until the winter season.

District 3 city Councillor Jasmine Sharma held an informal public information session at Parc des Géraniums on Saturday morning, May 25 to answer questions and address concerns citizens may have had regarding the new bike path. About 20 people met with Sharma to talk about the path and other topics.

Will slow down traffic circulation

“There were about 10 people that came up with questions about the path. A lot of them were happy it’s going to be installed. Those who were more hesitant wanted to understand if it would have an impact on slowing down circulation on Dahlias because it is a very busy road. A lot of cars use it to enter and exit the neighbourhood,” Sharma told The Journal.

“The information I have from the experts at the city is that reducing the lane width will definitely have an impact. And the side that was chosen to install the path crosses certain streets where people would roll through stop signs,” she added.

Stop sign compliance

The bike path also has a secondary purpose, to get motorists to slow down on Dahlias and to make sure people comply with stop signs at intersections.

“The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) police have witnessed it as well. They’ve given out a few tickets on certain streets like Rue des Anémones and Rue des Crocus where people were not necessarily respecting the signage,” said Sharma.

“I’m optimistic the path will help. I’m also hoping it will enable people who want to use their bikes to connect from one neighbourhood to another safely. They’ll have this added infrastructure in the neighbourhood,” said Sharma.

Tunnel connection

The path will run along the entire stretch of Dahlias from Rue des Muguets and eventually all the way to Henry-Ford. A pedestrian and bike tunnel is being built to connect Rue des Asters and Muguets.

“We’ve already given a contract to do the tunnel,” said Sharma. “This project is underway. It’s a matter of continuing the bike path connection along Dahlias and then it will connect to the Rivière-de-la-Cité neighbourhood.”

Sharma said the bike path network expansion could entice more people to use their bikes. “I bike with the kids a lot. It was one of the pledges we did last spring, to try to use the bike network more to get around. I’ve definitely seen more people using it. Perhaps it’s because there are more connections. It definitely does help,” said Sharma.

Citizen participation encouraging

The councillor is pleased that 20 people spoke to her during the information session. “It’s encouraging. There were some interesting discussions. It was really an open question-and-answer session. People raised questions and concerns that I’m going to take back to council,” said Sharma.

“One recommendation is to get an up-to-date count of the number of vehicles that exit the Floralies and Rivière-de-la-Cité sectors. It’ll be good to know what the real numbers are in the district and what can be done with circulation,” she added.

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