• John Jantak

Police still investigating random gun shot in Ste. Anne’s


The SPVM Station 1 police are still investigating a gunshot incident that took place in the overnight hours in the north sector of Ste. Anne de Bellevue on May 2, according to Commander Éric Breton.

Resident complains about speeding and noisy cars

SPVM Station 1 police are still investigating an incident in the north sector of Ste. Anne de Bellevue that was described by a resident as an apparent drive-by shooting that happened on Rue Grenier on May 2.

The incident was raised by Michel Belleau to Station 1 police Commander Éric Breton during question period at the Monday evening council meeting on May 13. Belleau asked Breton whether he had any updated information about the incident.

Not a drive-by shooting

“We’re not talking about a drive-by shooting,” said Breton. “We’re talking about an incident where there was a gun shot that hit a residence. There was no victim. I’ve asked my officers to increase their patrols in the area.”

The shooting reportedly happened some time overnight because the bullet mark was only noticed the following morning, Breton said. The police have been going door-to-door to get any additional information from residents who may have seen or heard anything and to reassure people that this was an isolated incident.

Breton said there was no indication of any type of gang activity within the area. There was also nothing to indicate the incident was the result on an errant bullet fired by someone who may have been hunting in the nearby woods. Inquiries made to the SPVM for additional information were not returned by press time.

Speeding on Ste. Anne Street

A recent resident to Ste. Anne’s complained about what he considers to be excessive speeding along Ste. Anne’s Street at the intersection with Maple Street and whether council could do something to get motorists to slow down.

“My concern is about speed and noise,” said Matthew Haney. “I live right on Ste. Anne Street. When I moved in, I realized what I was getting into. I’m not oblivious to understanding there will be noise and some distractions.”

He feels the offending motorists are driving their modified vehicles too fast between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. “I suggest you take the police away from the stop signs and put them in discrete areas,” said Haney.

On-line complaint form

Mayor Paola Hawa quickly interjected saying the city cannot tell the police how they should do their patrols. “That unfortunately is not our call,” she said. “That’s the commander’s call. We can’t dictate where the police will go.”

Hawa suggested that Haney visit the police Station 1 website and fill out a formal complaint about the speeding online. “They will focus their efforts in the areas that receive the most complaints. Every time you see an incident, get on their website, fill out the form and they’ll take action. They’re very good at responding,” she said.

A police matter

When Haney asked whether the city can do anything about excessive noise from a car, Hawa said the only time the city can respond to excessive noise is when it comes from another residence and not a moving vehicle, said Hawa.

“That’s not our jurisdiction. It’s a police matter. Our municipal patrol cannot do anything about noise from a car. That’s the way it is right across the island.”

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