Letter to the editor 1, May 23, 2019

Open letter to a person without courage

Dear Jimmy Percent,

I am sure you think you are so clever hiding under an assumed name. A man of evanescent secrets and bottomless truths. Oooooh! You like to project yourself as the only person in Saint-Lazare who would have the ability and the knowledge to lead the town. You pontificate that City Hall and council are entirely composed of incompetent and corrupt individuals. From your writings, you are apparently the only person who has the power to bring light to the masses.

The current electoral period in Saint-Lazare gives you the opportunity to hint and suggest the existence of deceptions and crooked deals of all kinds. It would be harmless if you limited yourself to telling silly things. But your incessant contributions on several electronic media platforms have harmful consequences on the reputation of many of us, especially those who have taken the bold step to be involved as candidates in the democratic process that allows electors to choose who they feel might best represent them at council.

Unfortunately, the advent of the internet has opened many possibilities for the cowards of this world to spread lies and malevolent hearsay, to express hate and prejudices, to throw all kinds of malicious insinuations, to mock people, to bully the weak and vulnerable, or to offer disrespectful comments about many in the community. These poltroons feel safe to broadcast their inanities behind their aliases and pseudonyms. Are you, Jimmy Percent, one of those sorry individuals who have weaponized the internet for their own unfathomable purposes that have little to do with justice and equity?

Closer to home, as an example, you made the affirmation that current candidates will only add to the actual slate of ‘puppets’ at council. And who are you to assign the designation ‘puppet’ on people you don’t know? What qualifies you, dear Jimmy Percent, to allocate Trumpian names and adjectives to every person who doesn’t fit your annoying perception of the ideal citizen?

Firstly, if you had a sliver of courage and decency, you would write under your own name. We live in a tolerant liberal democracy and I can assure you that no one will throw you in jail and torture you – even if you publish garbage.

Secondly, if you think you are the only one invested with the truth and knowledge, you should have had the dignity of registering as a candidate. In this manner, you would have been forced to sell and test your ideas to the people in a public forum.

Thirdly, if you think you have proof of fraud and corruption at City Hall, then you should do the right thing: address yourself to the proper authorities and detail what you know. But you won’t do it. With you all is conveniently a secret, and your proofs cannot be ‘revealed.’ Of course! You’d rather tell unverifiable stories and hurt individuals affected by your allusions.

Jimmy Percent, grow up! Spoiler Alert! Did you notice that practically nobody supports your postings? Maybe it is time for you to question your motives and methods.

Benoît Tremblay

Saint-Lazare citizen