• Brian Gallagher

Cabin fever and the cranky cat Vol II


One week later and here’s my update beautiful people – none. Zip. Nada. Glad we had this chat.

Still a gaggle of metal staples in the legs that itch terribly (but no scratching allowed). Follow up is Friday so maybe it will be time to dig ‘em out! I am now starting to wear a rut in the floor as I shamble from bed to recliner and back again for more than two weeks. The only positive so far is that my ‘playoff beard’ is starting to take shape. I decided that I am not going to shave until I am back on my feet again. However, it is a bit startling to me that my beard has come in almost completely white. The cats don’t recognize me and the wife is now calling me ‘Gramps.’ Yes, I look like a patchy scruffy Kenny Rogers without all his luxurious and voluminous white hair (been watching too many hair product commercials on TV…).

Speaking of ‘that’ cat… remember last week how cranky he was? Well he has moved on. You know how they say that a dog is man’s best friend? I believe there is now (or should be) a saying, ‘the one who holds the can opener is a cat’s best friend.’ You see, since I haven’t been able to feed him for a couple of weeks my wife has. And since the spare bedroom door is now closed he has been sleeping with the wife on her bed. So in the evenings now he cuddles with her on the couch as well. Now while I agree with the little furball that my wife is indeed quite ‘cuddle-able’ (if that’s really a word - sorry for that one benevolent editor); but darn it I used to be as well. It definitely stings a little that I have been rudely and unceremoniously cast aside dear readers. I guess if I can’t feed him and he doesn’t get to disrupt my sleep at night anymore then what purpose do I have in his world? Apparently the answer is none. Zip. Nada.

Signed – Invisible.


This Friday, May 17 from 4 - 8 p.m. there is a vernissage at 2 Barn Owls (420 Main Road in Hudson) featuring the latest work by Saint-Lazare artist Allison Robin Smith. In ‘The Overcast Collection,’ acrylic paint and watery textures combine to portray soft light, misty skies and rainy horizons. Allison's play on directional brushstrokes impart a beautiful linen-like finish to the canvas, leading the imagination to wander like gazing out a rain-strewn window. You can contact the artist or see more of her work on her Facebook page or her website, allisonrobinstudios.com. The Overcast Collection will be on display at the barn from May 16 - 18 and 23 - 25. Local folk band ‘The Breeze’ will be providing musical entertainment on May 17 as well at the event!

The Auberge Willow Inn continues its Thursday night music series in the pub. The May lineup for the rest of the month is May 16 – Jeff Starz duo; May 23 – Times 2 acoustic duo, and May 30 – Better days.

Check out this week's edition of The Journal for more out and about activities including the opening of Hudson’s famous Finnegan’s Market, and the Heritage May Show Festival and the upcoming Trash ‘n Treasure Yard Sale, both in beautiful Vankleek Hill, the perfect destination for a weekend road trip.

If you have some music, art or other cool event you think I should be checking out please hit me up at kickinthearts@yourlocaljournal.ca.


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