• John Jantak

Armed standoff in Pincourt neighbourhood ends peacefully


Nobody was injured following the standoff in which neighbours were asked to stay inside their homes. The incident ended when the man who was holding a knife was transported to hospital.

A 45-minute police standoff with a man armed with a knife outside a private residence in Pincourt ended peacefully the evening of May 13 following an intervention by Sûreté de Québec (SQ) police officers.

The incident happened on Place Rousseau near Boulevard Olympique beginning around 6:30 p.m. “He had a knife and was flailing it around,” a witness who requested anonymity told The Journal. “The police blocked off a part of our street and you couldn’t get through. There were at least four cop cars here, maybe more.”

‘Something in his hand’

“He had something in his hand. We weren’t sure if it was a gun at first because the police weren’t getting close. They were telling people to stay inside,” said the witness.

She watched events unfold from inside her house with her husband. “We didn’t dare go outside. The guy was standing outside next to a car in a driveway. The police were all lined up as if it was a stand-off,” the witness said.

SQ spokesperson Sgt. Ingrid Asselin said no arrests were made. Police requested an ambulance to the scene to ensure the armed man received the mental health help he needed.

“He was handcuffed and put into a police car. Then an ambulance arrived. The police put him inside the ambulance, said the witness. After about 10 minutes, the ambulance left with the suspect inside.

“It ended peacefully, thank goodness.”

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