• James Armstrong

Quebec officials assess Hudson flood situation


Provincial and municipal officials met informally in Hudson April 28 to assess the local flood situation. Seen here (left to right) Councillor Helen Kurgansky, Minister for the Montérégie Region Christian Dubé, Soulanges MNA Marilyne Picard, Mayor Jamie Nicholls, Fire Department Director Philippe Baron and Councillor Barbara Robinson.

The Quebec Minister for the Montérégie Region Christian Dubé and Soulanges MNA Marilyne Picard met with Hudson Mayor Jamie Nicholls and members of the town’s administration on Sunday, April 28. Dubé is also the Minister responsible for Government Administration and President of the Québec Treasury Council.

The meeting took place at the Hudson Fire Hall where volunteers were filling sand bags for distribution to flooded areas of the town.

Extended support for flood-stricken towns

“We met with the mayors of the Municipalité régionale de comté Vaudreuil-Soulanges (MRC-VS),” said Dubé. The meeting was held to regulate an administrative problem concerning funding that involved the towns in crisis, the Red Cross and the Quebec Ministry of Public Security.

“The Quebec government will remain in charge of invoices from the Red Cross for a longer period of time,” said Dubé noting the solution would make the situation easier for smaller municipalities.

New program for flood victims

The recently announced program promises to make it easier for flood victims to apply for compensation from the Quebec government and speed up the approval and payment process. Picard noted there was less bureaucracy in terms of the application process.

Dealing with 2017 files

As for the outstanding files from the 2017 flood event, Dubé said that over 1,000 cases had been settled in the past six months. “There are approximately 1,000 more and the objective is to process them by this autumn,” said the minister. “We are on it.”

Hudson flood situation

As of April 28, 34 houses were issued a volunteer evacuation notice in Hudson. “We’ve distributed 34,000 sand bags since the flooding began,” said Mayor Nicholls expressing his gratitude on behalf of the town for the efforts of volunteers and town employees. He noted municipalities the size of Hudson lack the financial and human resources to deal with an emergency event on the scale of the current spring flood. Hudson has a direct telephone line available 24/7 for flood victims: (450) 458-4011. Nicholls expressed his concern for the psychological health of people dealing with flooded homes. He encouraged them to reach out for assistance.

Professional help is available through the Centre Intégré de santé et de services sociaux de la Montérégie-Ouest (CISSSMO) by calling (450) 455-6171, extension 70855.