Letter to the editor 2, May 2, 2019

No need to fear change

Dear Editor, I would like to bring a few counterpoints to the High Density Housing in Hudson letter that was published April 18 in The Journal....

First off, a few housing projects should not be enough to destroy our community. If that’s the case then something is inherently problematic and needs adjustments.

I would also like to point out that since few people really believe that any housing project in Hudson will be categorized as ‘Bargain Price,’ no one needs to worry about an invasion of small-lot buyers who would fail to appreciate our pace or way of life. Anytime anyone wishes to build anything else than a McMansion or a cozy and tasteful Cape Cod the same ominous threats come alive – boogeymen like traffic or the threat of strangers who shop at Costco.

I believe Hudson can welcome more than a few more families without destroying our environment or way of life.

There are concerns that need to be addressed but instead of simply opposing anything new, we should be asking how we can help these housing projects to better integrate into our community.

Things well done are, to me, a sensible option to doing nothing at all because of the fear of change. Stéphane Sauvé Hudson

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