Letter to the editor 3, April 25, 2019

Political ‘spin’

Dear Editor, I would like to respond to the very self-serving letter signed by Mme. Lachance and her fellow Saint-Lazare councillors regarding the recent departure of city Councillor Pamela Tremblay (Dear Editor, The Journal, April 18, page 4). But unlike their very obvious, albeit clumsy, attempt at political ‘spin,’ I would like to respond with some actual facts. It is a fact that the month prior to Mme. Tremblay stepping down, the city council unanimously voted to expel one of their own for violent and aggressive behaviour. While they now try to downplay this incident, it was serious enough at the time for the unprecedented ejection from caucus.

It is a fact that, following this incident, a letter was sent by the Director General of the city to the council which outlined their ongoing and appalling behaviours that seem to long pre-date the violent outburst of Mr. Chartrand. It is a fact that Mr. Chartrand himself seems to entirely validate the contents of the letter sent by the DG by his own “apology letter” that was sent to all the city staff following the incident. While he decided to employ the lesser-known defence of “high testosterone levels” as his flimsy excuse for his outburst, he never once suggested that anything in the DG’s letter was not entirely true and 100 per cent accurate.

It is also a fact that, only a month prior to Mme. Tremblay stepping down, another city councillor also stepped down – citing very similar reasons related to the poor behaviour of his fellow council members.

Mme. Tremblay made it very clear why she stepped down which had nothing to do with being a minority voice at council and everything to do with the toxic environment this new cohort of councillors have cultivated. And while Mme. Lachance and her cronies can try to sling blame in all directions hoping something will stick to anyone but themselves, the facts speak for themselves. There is something very rotten with this group of councillors and no amount of ‘spin’ is going to change those facts.

Thankfully, I believe the citizens of Saint-Lazare are not idiots and will see through the rhetoric that Mme. Lachance is trying desperately to sell. Jennifer J. Gibson

A very concerned and disappointed citizen

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