Letter to the editor 4, April 18, 2019

Traffic fix

Dear Editor,

I, as thousands of others, have suffered the hours of delay commuting to the West Island in the morning and back to Les Cèdres in the afternoon.

Fortunately for me being retired, I now look on as a interested observer but no less angered by the lack of progress to alleviate the traffic problem. One of my observations has been about how the big trucks in both lanes greatly slow down the flow when engaging in slow-motion drag races at the traffic lights.

The Highway 30 beltway was intended to reduce truck traffic on the island's commuter roads but, as some have pointed out, there is resistance to having to pay a single toll on the bridge at Les Cèdres.

It seems to me that, in some lack of common sense on the part of the truckers, they find it preferable to waste two or three times’ worth of fuel in the stop-and-go traffic. Valleyfield had also hoped that the new road would help with their congestion on the Monseigneur-Langlois Bridge. It didn't until they put in a simple measure to dissuade them. They restricted trucks to the right lane which allows the cars in the left to accelerate normally.

It works. And it would work on Highway 20.

Alfred Epstein

Les Cèdres

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