Letter to the editor 2, April 18, 2019

Reflections on resignation

Dear Editor,

After reading former Councillor Pamela Tremblay's resignation communiqué I felt the need to point a few things out.

At the past Saint-Lazare council meeting Councillor Richard Chartrand acknowledged his fault in what transgressed on March 5. He apologized to the individual involved as well as the council as a whole. He stated that his reaction had been grave and wrong. In view of this, he has sought anger management classes to learn to control his emotions.

On the other hand, for him to find out from Héma-Québec that his blood drive was cancelled and would no longer be supported by the town is unacceptable. The administration should have discussed and notified Mr. Chartrand about their decision to cancel the event. This shows a lack of respect and procedure. He was blindsided. This was not a decision voted upon by council. It was an administration initiative to do so despite the fact that there exists a Mayor's blood drive. Needless to say, the Mayor's blood drive will, from here on forward, be referred to as the St. Lazare blood drive.

The fact that five out of six councillors voted in were new speaks volumes to residents wanting change.

The Plan de Conservation Ms. Tremblay referred to was adopted in 2014. It was never followed through to incorporate it into the by-laws to enact it and give it the legal power to protect the environment, wetlands, greenspace, and wildlife corridors. This is what the new council, after a resident uncovered the document and brought it to their attention, is working on to incorporate it into the by-laws as it should have been done in 2014!

There are many sides to every story. In this one, all need to acknowledge wrongdoing and move forward. Mr. Chartrand has by being honest and forthcoming.

Pat Novas


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