• Brian Gallagher

I’ve got blisters on me fingers!


Let’s start off with a quiz – name that tune! I’ll give you a hint… it’s not a lyric that is technically ‘in’ the song and it was written in 1968. I’ve said too much. I wonder if my dear benevolent editor will correct the grammar in the title or let it slide for artistic relevance. I swear this time it’s not a typo (not that I’ve made any before, right?).

So, welcome to spring, finally. No more shovelling snow or chipping ice off the walkway. Instead, this weekend I found myself like the rest of the residents here in Shangri-la raking up dead leaves and grass, and spreading the manure of mostly dissolved dog excrement around the lawn (thanks Lassie, now go get Gramps). And walking around the perimeter I picked up the usual (and not so usual) suspects strewn around the lawn: Pop bottles, Tim Horton’s cups (and no I did not dare roll up any unturned rim – that’s nasty), cigarette butts and other random detritus (it means ‘garbage’ – The Google says so – I looked it up).

Now bear with me beautiful people, what follows here is not for the faint of heart.

Obviously ‘safety first’ is always the rule around here; I wore my wife’s pink floral gardening gloves for this task. No reason to not be stylish while protecting myself from the artifacts of another society discovered within the borders of my territory. However, my spidey senses immediately went up when I came across a soiled rubber surgical (or laboratory) glove crumpled on the grass by the stop sign; and just one glove I might add. Reminds me of all those times you see only one shoe on the side of the highway. How do you lose only one shoe out of the car? What are you doing in the car that causes you to lose only one shoe? Was it removed with one surgical glove? The mind boggles, yet I digress…

I quickly substituted my sensible fashion garment for my father’s industrial welding gloves (had I still had my Hazmat gear I may have suited up…). Crisis averted. To be safe I even sprayed a little Windex on the patch of grass to sanitize it. It might well kill the grass but that patch was probably better dead than having to live with the humiliation.

So why the musical reference at the top of the column? Let me ask you this dear readers – why is it we can go out and shovel multiple times here in our northern wonderland but one day, just ONE day of raking immediately brings blisters to the palm and fingers of my hands? Maybe the poor doctor who is missing one glove has the answer…

The Hudson Shave2Save was another success this year and the amount raised for the Canadian Cancer Society grows each year. Always warms my heart to see a community come together for a great cause. Besides the activities going on through the day there was also a lot of great local music provided by our community-minded musicians – great job everyone!

As always, make sure you check out the ‘Things to See and Do’ section of The Journal for all upcoming events in and around the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area and if you have some music, art or other cool event you think I should be checking out please hit me up at kickinthearts@yourlocaljournal.ca.


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