Letter to the editor 2, March 28, 2019

Thanks again

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Pure Art Foundation, our board of directors, all our volunteers and community members, thank you for all you do.

‘The Journal’ has been a highly visible fixture of our community and strong symbol of neighbourly spirit for many years. Through the publisher’s commitment and the editor’s talent, you together lead an organization that has consistently shared stories that matter to citizens of our region.

By the combined efforts of hard-working staff and numerous journalists behind the scenes, people in our area consistently have the privilege of picking up The Journal each Thursday morning. Through informative words and actions, you are the ‘glue’ that keeps the fabric of our global village strong.

One such journalist, James Armstrong, demonstrated what The Journal stands for as he journeyed with us through the slums of Pulcallpa, Peru and in villages along the Amazon tributaries a few weeks ago. His integrity and disciplined approach to storytelling – combined with fact-finding and adventure – left us in awe. He was everywhere, and always with an inquisitive smile, tirelessly gathering the fragments of each day to weave a story of interest for folks back home.

With 59 volunteers (primarily from our region) we were busy keeping Pure Art projects on track and ensuring everyone was engaged, fully participating in the day’s activities on the ground during our 12th trip to Peru. James was in the wings experiencing a firsthand look at the humanitarian work of all the volunteers at the Pure Art Hub of Hope.

A shining example of this circle of compassion that James witnessed was the building of the eighth ‘Casa Hudson Home’ during his time in Peru. All eight houses, completely funded by the generous support of local Hudson residents, represent almost one-third of all the 30 Pure Art homes now built in Peru. This sense of community spirit typifies the caring people who live among us in our towns – unsung heroes doing their best each day to help others who have far less, and who will never be able to repay them. Inspiring.

All the 59 Pure Art volunteers are now home. We did not wish to wait another day to send this note to say, “Thank you!”

Robert and Brigitte McKinnon

Pure Art Foundation


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