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Vaudreuil MNA Marie-Claude Nichols is accompanied by representatives of volunteer organizations in our region.

Vaudreuil Liberal MNA Marie Claude Nichols welcomed about 30 heads of organizations in the region and made a second presentation of the Soutien à l’action bénévole (SAB).

Representatives from sports, community, education and culture were present. For many, the support received makes a difference to their respective organizations.

"The County of Vaudreuil is in a demographic explosion and we are lucky to be able to count on several organizations that give back to the population,” said Nicholls. “I am pleased to recognize them and support them through the Soutien à l’action bénévole.”

The purpose of the gathering is also to create a moment so the organizations can discuss among themselves and find a synergy for the benefit of the development of the region. "People know each other and make connections, which can lead to nice mergers in some projects,” she added.

"I am pleased to see so many of you, it is an indicator that our region is active and there are organizations to support a broad section of the population. It takes people like you to support these associations and we are proud to help you as best we can. I am always very impressed to see all the energy and determination you invest in your causes, your organizations and let me congratulate you! "

About the program

The SAB provides financial assistance to organizations striving to meet the needs of their community in the leisure, sports, or community action sectors.

Under this program, each member of the National Assembly is granted a budget that can be used to finance such projects in his or her riding. To apply for a grant, the organization must contact the office of the Member of Parliament for their constituency, who will indicate the form to be used and, if applicable, the additional documents to be provided.

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