Letter to the editor 2, Feb. 14, 2019

Dear Editor,

In the January 24, 2019 editorial of your newspaper titled ‘Voice of unreason,’ you write… "So it comes as a surprise and a bit of a head-scratcher to learn this week that a couple of loud but otherwise insignificant voices…” juxtaposed to John Jantak's article, ‘Two Vaudreuil-Dorion residents voice opposition to proposed Muslim Cemetery’ are offensive and reductive.

My introduction during my speech at the question period was this:

In the article published in La Presse of December, 2019 by Mrs. Lévesque, is it correct that a Muslim cemetery wants to settle in the city on a plot of agricultural land?

Given the sensitivity of the subject and the experience lived in Saint-Apolinaire, does the city intend to hold a referendum on the subject?

Why keep a restricted registry to a small area?

Isn’t participatory democracy the best of democracies?

Aren’t the people sovereign over projects?

Is it true that discussions have been running since 2013?

For some years at the edge of the land of the old Élie farm there has been abnormal activity. A lot of trucks go there. Did they remove the layer of agricultural soil?

Mayor Guy Pilon partially answered some of my questions but was obviously not very happy with my intervention.

However, I invite you to check the emails sent to the city as well as media outlets to find that ‘a couple’ has greatly multiplied.

Given the alleged facts and the lack of professionalism you have demonstrated in the treatment of this news, I demand an apology for myself, Yves Boyer, and Jean-Michel Smolsky, as it was unnecessary to include our names because there are many more angered citizens than you think.

In closing, as you have skilled writers and seem to have a good reputation in the community, I believe you and John Jantak should go to the Hudson Town Council and convince the council and its mayor to buy, within the city limits, land in a non-agricultural area to make a Muslim cemetery.

If you’re gonna talk the talk, then walk the walk.

Yves Boyer


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